Sunday, April 15, 2007

Koo Koo Bear Kids Monogrammed Sleepyhead Bunny and Upscale Children's Room Decor, Gifts, and More

Sleepyhead Bunny

I'm pretty sure 75% of Makenna's room is filled with stuffed animals. They are on shelves, in baskets, the closet, everywhere. And, as much as I'd like to get rid of some of them, she just adores each one and would be heart broken if I removed any. We had originally only let her have one "friend" with her in her bed. Today I counted and there are 16 in her bed! Yes, that is excessive, and I have removed some. After an afternoon of tears, we now have five, including her new Sleephead Bunny, which she loves to cuddle with in bed.

These little bunnies are perfectly sized for little ones to hug and cuddle; Makenna calls her bunny "Squishy". One of the things I love about this bunny is there isn't any fur. Babies and tots are known for immediately sticking things in their mouths and we don't have to worry about shedding fur with The Sleepyhead Bunny. These infant-safe bunnies have received the Oppenhein Toy Portfolio Gold Seal. They are super-soft and plush and are dressed for night-time in pastel striped slumber suits and coordinating caps.

Available at Koo Koo Bear Kids, The Sleepyhead Bunny is available in two sizes, medium at 15" long and large at 22" long and is machine washable. Add your own personal message on the ear with monograming for an additional $10.00, available in your choice of three available letter styles. Koo Koo Bear Kids has a fabulous variety of upscale children's room decor, clothing, toys, gifts, and more. Sign up to receive their catalog and email specials!

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