Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kind Living Designs Handmade Custom Original Artwork 100% Recycled Stationery, Hair Bow Club, Personalized Books

Kind Living Designs
"Kind Living Designs was created based on the philosophy that we’ve lost touch with living kindly – that a simple thank you note can warm a heart and pass on a smile. It causes a chain reaction – with one little note, with one small gift, you have the power to affect many."

Kind Living Designs specializes in creating custom gifts featuring their hand-drawn adorable and fun original artwork. Choose from a variety of designs, fonts, and even choose the hair color. Owner and designer, Kristie Piacine, custom made the sweetest note cards for Makenna. The cards feature Makenna's name just below a cute little floppy eared dog with painted toenails. All stationery is created using paper made from 100% recycled materials from a manufacturer that utilizes windmill power.

Kind Living Designs has an amazing collection of personalized gifts to choose from, including totes, pencil cases, cd cases, and even notebooks. We also received My Bitty Book. The personalized book features Makenna's name on each page, colored purses, and simple text for early readers. The entire book is laminated for easy cleaning and is bound securely by safety coated binding.

The Bow Head Club of the Month is getting wonderful reviews. Sign her up for this fabulous club and your little one will receive a bow each month attached to an adorable card. Included in her first mailing will be a membership card of which she will be entitled to receive 10% off her first purchase. Coming soon to Kind Living Designs, members will enjoy special benefits when they visit their site, such as online games, downloadable coloring pages and even help pick new ribbon selections.

Kind Living Designs donates 2% of every sale to the charity of your choice from their list of several wonderful organizations, each top rated by the American Institute of Philanthropy; The Conservation Fund, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, The Sunshine Foundation, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

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