Monday, March 26, 2007

Tadam Jewelry Offers Stylish Handmade Jewelry Created in Limited Editions with Vintage Beads, Czech Pearls and Unique Materials

Tadam Jewelry

I have to admit that I'm certainly not leading a glamorous life. You will typically find me in a ponytail, lounge pants, and pretending to be a little critter with a husky voice named Georgie Porgie. Occasionally I'm let out of my cage and I get to dress in clothing fitting of public outings. I love jewelry that is simple, elegant, feminine, and compliments my outfit as opposed to taking center stage. When I was introduced to Tadam Jewelry, I fell in love with their collection.

I had a difficult time narrowing down my choices and decided on the Larisa bracelet. It's a versatile bracelet that adds the perfect amount of interest to any outfit, whether it's a casual day shopping or a romantic evening out. The Larisa arrived in a deep purple velvet drawstring bag that was nestled in a box and finished with a satin ribbon bow, ready for gift giving. The three-strand bracelet is handmade with Czech glass pearls, gold-filled beads and metal. The combination of soft luminous cocoa pearls and the delicate textures of the gold filigree beads creates an absolutely stunning bracelet. It's available in the cocoa or periwinkle blue and coordinates beautifully with the gold hoop Maya Pen earrings and the double-strand Nara pearl necklace.

Sisters Deborah Tasato and Allyson Mellone founded Tadam Jewelry in 2005. Their handmade collections are limited editions that utilize vintage beads, Czech pearls and unique materials from around the globe. Their mission is to "create costume jewelry that is distinct, one which evokes a classic glamour we believe is inherent in women." Inspired by the Hollywood glam era, their timeless pieces are versatile and are designed to add modern flair to wardrobes of women of all ages.

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