Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Ultimate Shoelace by Xtenex Creates Custom Fitted Shoes for Easy Slip On and Off for Children and Adults

The Ultimate Shoe Lace

Until now, I've insisted on Velcro shoes for my tots, but with these new innovative laces, slipping shoes on and off are simple. I laced Makenna's shoes to a comfortable fit, tied a knot at each eyelet, and cut the remaining lace off. Her shoes didn't slip off her heel and her shoes were easy to put on and to remove.

The Ultimate Shoelace™ by Xtenex are pre-tensioned elastic knots that collapse when stretched for easy lace-up and adjustment. The knots re-emerge when the tension is released to create a comfortable fit. These fabulous laces create custom fitted shoes and enable you to slip them on and off, but still maintain tension in specific areas.

I decided to give The Ultimate Shoelace™ a try myself. Since I never read instructions, I immediately began lacing my shoe, pulling snuggly with each insertion. Had I read the part that said, "remember to lace shoe loosely to start", maybe I wouldn't have lost feeling in my right baby toe. The laces were simple to insert and once I loosened them to my desired fit, I regained feeling in my baby toe. I left one of my regular laces in one shoe and adjusted both laces to a comfortable fit. I wasn't even out of my driveway and my normal laced shoe was already loose and my shoe began slipping on my heel. I was really amazed at the difference between the two. By the time we had returned home from our walk to the park, The Ultimate Shoelace™ hadn't slipped, unlike my other normal lace.

  • You adjust the laces only once and they will stay in place for life.
  • Indexed lace tensioning nodules maintain a custom desired fit at each eyelet for a never binding perfect fit every time.
  • Comfortably stabilizes footwear fit around the foot to reduce footwear slippage that can cause hot feet, blisters and foot fatigue.
  • Shoes slip on and off with relative ease without affecting the lace placement.
  • Enhances outsoles, insoles, arch supports and orthotics.
  • Indexed tensioning allows enhanced stabilization for sport specific needs.
The Ultimate Shoelace™ by Xtenex is available in 21-inch, 30-inch and 40-inch sizes and 28 color options. Prices start at $6.95 on the Web and in retail stores.

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