Monday, April 2, 2007

Sassy Tails Ribbon Hair Accessories Popular Among Young Girls and Recently Worn by Cheetah Girl Dorinda

Sassy Tails

What do you do when your little girl doesn't want to look "adorable" in bows anymore? You form a company and design accessories that are a hip and stylish alternative to hair bows and ponytail holders, of course. Entrepreneurial mom Kim Madden and nine-year-old daughter Heather Madden began their venture in 2004 creating Sassy Tails at the kitchen table. Their popular accessories have become the hot item among young girls and will be available in almost 600 stores across 39 states by the second quarter of 2007.

Sassy Tails are elastic ponytail holders that are embellished with sheer, linen, and shiny ribbons, beads, and feathers. Their fashionable designs include a variety of color combinations and include a variety of stylish vibrant printed ribbons. They are simple to use and add the perfect amount of pizzazz to any outfit for any occasion, including daily casual wear, weddings, and sports or cheerleading events. Their best selling design, the Cheetah Grrl Sassy Tail, was spotted being worn by Cheetah Girl Dorinda on the group's recent tour.

Sassy Tails enlists the help from girls eight and up through The Sassy Tails Junior Advisory Board. Members of the board:
  • Design Sassy Tails and other products
  • Give opinions on all things Sassy Tails
  • Help us spot, and more importantly, create trends
  • Stay in touch on a regular basis so we always know what is cool and what’s not
  • Talk to friends about Sassy Tails
  • Talk to stores in your area that don’t carry Sassy Tails
"The Sassy Tails product exists because of our philosophy and our goal is to encourage the growth of young girls into confident young women. Sassy Tails isn't just a hair accessories company; it's mission is to promote entrepreneurialism among young women."

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