Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sweeters Pals Handknit Personalized Cuddly Dolls

This is Olivia, one of the new sweet and cuddly Sweeter Pals from Sweeters. Sue Katz, a loving grandmother, is the founder of these adorable creations. Known and loved for high quality handknitted sweaters and blankets, Sweeters introduces a new irresistibly soft addition called Sweeter Pals to their line that are sure to bring smiles to little girls and boys.

Olivia instantly brought a smile to my daughter's face when I presented her to her, she's never seen a knitted doll before. Her and Olivia became best friends and she's been toting her around since. She was especially excited to cozy up with her at nap time, since none of her other dolls are cuddly. These personalized little dolls are perfect for babies to cuddle and enjoy for years to come.

  • Each doll is hand-knit in the USA from the softest 100% yard.

  • Each colorful pal measures 12" tall and a 20" will be available soon

  • Dolls are safe and soft for babies to cuddle in bed with, unlike plastic babies.

  • Lightweight enough for babies to tote around, great for floor play and bedtime.

  • Personalize your little friend with initials, names or favorite sports teams.

  • Retails for $30 or personalize your little pal with an initial, name, or even a favorite sports team for $36

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Visit Sweeters to view the entire collection of Sweeter Pals

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