Sunday, September 2, 2007

Babeebrite Hands-Free Mobile Portable Pocket Light Source for Mommies

Babeebrite is an amazing little hands-free pocket that fits in the palm of your hand, and is an absolute necessity for mommies. Not only will it make like easier for new moms, but it also has so many other uses for the entire family
  • Excellent tool for timing breastfeeding, it's automatic on/off 7-minute timer, preserves the battery life.
  • Features an adjustable 90-degree arm does not affect yours or the baby’s night vision.
  • Clips onto your shirt or shirt pocket and also clips onto any surface up to 1inch thick, such as a rocking chair, headboard, car seat, or diaper bag.
  • Clip to your bed while in the hospital room.
  • Kid's can use as a wearable book light for reading at night, the 7-minute auto-off enables it to fall asleep with them.
  • Take it to go for a quick light source for the pacifier that always seems to be lost in a diaper bag, use in the car to search under seats, or use while traveling at your hotel room to check on kids or for camping.
Babeebrite was especially useful when I recently organized several areas of my home. The hands- free light allowed me to shine light into deep dark cupboards, closets, and under beds while keeping my hands free to work.

Visit Mommy Bee Happy to find out more about Babeebrite.



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