Friday, September 28, 2007

Lint on the Go Sheets removes hair, lint, and dandruff and fits into your purse or pocket

I was recently sent a new product, invented by a mom. Lint on the Go Sheets are these fantastic individual disposable lint removal sheets (4 1/2" x 3") that fit in the palm of your hand and conveniently fit into your purse or pocket. I keep a couple in my purse, my car, work drawer, and the bathroom. I have a favorite wool coat that I wear in the winter, but hate dealing with the embarrassing lint and hair that it attracts. Now, I can slip some into my pocket of the coat and use as needed. Pet owners will LOVE these.

Each packet includes 20 individual sheets, priced at $12.99 or 3 packets for only $26.99.
How they work:
  • Slide your hand under the clear cover.
  • Use the other hand to peel away the protective liner.
  • Pat off lint, hair, and dandruff.
  • Discard.

If you've ever used those lint rollers, you know how bulky they are and since there's no protective cover, everything sticks to them while it's stored in the car or drawer. . I've also seen other lint sheets similar to these, but they don't come in individual sheets like the Lint on the Go sheets. So, you can't slip them into your pocket while on the go, unlike Lint on the Go Sheets.

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Visit Lint on the Go to learn more.

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