Friday, February 15, 2008

Baby Light and Clip Safely Trim Baby's Nail with Lighted Clippers

Baby Light & Clip® is a new wonderful invention that was designed by a mom. I can attest to how horrifying it can be to clip off the tip of baby's finger, as my husband did it with our first baby. He refused to ever clip any of our children's nails after that nightmare. The Baby Light & Clip® offers a safe way to clip your baby's nails to prevent those accidents.


  • Lighted Nail Clipper Light illuminates from under baby's tiny nail...…taking the guess work out of just where to safely clip!
  • Trim in dark or dimly lit room while baby's sleeping!
  • Safety Guards Help prevent baby's tiny fingertip from going in between cutting blades.
  • Nail Clipping Tray Helps keep clippings from falling into baby's bedding.
  • Comfort Control Handle For easy holding and maneuvering.
  • Travel Case For moms on the go!
  • Includes:AA battery

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Find out more at Baby Light and Clip

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