Saturday, February 9, 2008

DIY Craft Tutorial Heather Bailey Paper Globe Valentine Ornaments

You may have seen these Valentine ornaments on the web, but thought I'd post them just in case you missed them. Heather Bailey has a great tutorial to create these fabulous paper globe ornaments. Perfect for teacher gifts or decorations.

I tried this tutorial out with my teenage girls and were pretty happy with the results. Below is my Valentine ornament. Granted, mine is not nearly as gorgeous as Heather's. My girls each made one for their friends for Valentine's Day featuring their favorite band. They were a HUGE hit with all of their friends. Of course my girls wanted one of their own to hang from the ceiling in their room to gaze endlessly at. I decided to get wise and purchase a circle cutter, about $15 at Michael's. I highly suggest purchasing one if you plan on making more than a couple. Not only does it save tons of time, but it also creates perfectly cut circles.



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