Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Spoil Me in Style Doodlebag Doodlebugz Travel Art Backpack Tote

Perfect for the car or at home, this backpack comes complete with what any toddler will need to keep them busy! The backpack opens to reveal a pad of paper and 10 washable crayons with additional pockets to hold your child's favorite colors. There is also a larger sized pocket perfect to hold stickers. Turn the page and start a whole new adventure with chalk and a mini chalkboard. Comes complete with an eraser and 5 colorful pieces of chalk. Numerous pockets can hold additional chalk if desired. Each side has a Velcro closure to keep the Doodlebag closed when not in use. And, the front pocket can be personalized to make this a truly special gift! Includes 10 washable crayons, Pad of Paper, 10 pieces of Chalk, Mini Chalk Board and Front pocket perfect for stickers. Personalization is available for an additional $8.

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Available at Spoil Me in Style

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