Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Urban Baby Slings by Cortez and Co Offers Trendy and Unique Baby Slings and Pouches

Babywearing and it's benefits have become widely popular among today's parents. And, with so many fabulous fabrics to choose from, it's easy to see why the trendy moms of today are babywearing. Cortez and Co designs some of the trendiest slings and pouches I've seen.
Coming soon... "the world's most versatile ring sling shoulder and it's an exclusive Urban Baby Sling feature. You have the option to wear it spread open for wider weight distribution OR choose a narrow shoulder to free up your arm."
"Our line of fitted pouches and adjustable ring slings express the many sides of today’s mama in a most attractive way. Just because you became a mom doesn't mean you lose your style. Urban Pouches and Urban Baby Sings are all about expressing the true life of today’s mama, while dipping into the fabulous world of glamour. "

Shop Urban Baby Slings by Cortez and Co
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