Thursday, December 28, 2006

Diaper Baggies - Dispose of Baby Diapers without Odor - Great for travel, nursery, or on the go

Cute. Colorful. Clean.

Diaper Baggies offers an innovative way of disposing of those smelly diapers without the worry of leaving an embarrassing odor. Whether you are in the car, visiting Grandma's or traveling, these baggies are a stylish and practical way of disposing of soiled diapers.

Diaper Baggies come in a set of forty and are offered in two adorable designs, with more designs in production. Diaper Baggies are environmentally friendly durable zip lock bags created from recycled plastic. The white plastic bags conveniently conceal the contents of the bag and feature a cute design. These baggies create the perfect solution for a sanitary and odorless way of disposing of diapers by locking in odors and bacteria.

If you have used those thin tie baggies found in stores, you know that they don't seal in odor, no matter how tight you tie the bag. And, the diaper pails that are supposed to seal in odors, leave you with a pungent room odor. Not the scent you want to smell when you enter a baby's room. They are also great for storing soiled clothing while on the go, or wet swimsuits in the warmer seasons.

We put Diaper Baggies to the test during our holiday travels and were thrilled at the results. These stylish and tough baggies sealed in the odor until we were able to dispose of them properly in the garbage. We can now feel confident enclosing dirty diapers in Diaper Baggies and tossing them in any garbage without worrying about embarrassing odors. These are a definite must-have for all parents.

Order Now at the Happi Baby Store for $5.49

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