Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Chic Tots - Stylish Coverall Bibs, Baby Slings, Wristlets, and Blanket Bag

Chic Tots - Functional, Stylish, Mom-Inspired
Mom inventors after my own heart. Moms who create innovative products for moms that are practical without sacrificing style. Their unique patent pending Chic & Clean Coveralls save moms from loads of time and loads of laundry!
We received the comfy Doggie Diva Coverall, which Makenna calls her "doggie bib" and insists on wearing it at every meal. The open back with neck and leg snaps makes it simple to put on whether seated or standing. These coveralls enable your toddler to self feed or paint a masterpiece while preserving their clean clothes. I no longer need to remove Makenna's clothing for spaghetti night or easy-spill food such as applesauce.
The 100% cotton fabric is coated with PUL, creating a mildew resistant, waterproof, and stain resistant coverall. Simply wipe clean between machine washings. Choose from their stylish collection of designs including sushi, flip flops, and even pirates!
In addition to their Clean & Chic Coveralls, they have a fabulous collection of trendy Chic & Comfy Slings and provide you with detailed safety, carrying, and care instructions.
Their innovative inventions don't stop there. Coming January of 2007, the Chic & Cozy
is a stylishly functional bag that converts into a luxurious minky blanket for your baby.
And, the Chic & Carry, the ultimate wristlet enabling you to carry diapers, included wipes case, and personal items in one little pouch. Simply slip on your wrist or your stroller for hands free convenience in style!
I can't wait to see what they come up with next!
Chic Tots products are designed with comfort and convenience for mom in mind, without sacrificing her sense of style.
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