Friday, September 8, 2006

Riding N Style - Personalized Stylish Handmade Shopping Cart - High Chair Covers

Do you remember the days before shopping cart covers existed? We would tote around a blanket to put in the cart or high chair; which didn't really cover anything.

Now, Riding N Style enables you to protect your baby from those filthy shopping carts and high chairs with hip and stylish covers. They protect your child from germs and keep them happy and cozy with all their essentials. All covers include fully lined pockets, a safety belt, and two loops for pacifier or toys. Each tote folds up to tuck into the elastic and the safety belt conveniently doubles as a carrying strap. Their optional features include carrying totes, pillows, and personalization with a child's name.

Boutique Mom readers receive a free coordinating pillow with cart cover! Mention Boutique Mom in the comment section!



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