Saturday, August 5, 2006

Boys Custom Autism Awareness Puzzle Set

Ebay designer Polkadot Bleu created this comfy little set for Autism Awareness. The fabric used in this set is an ultra soft imported batik. A puzzle piece appliqued on the front of the shirt reflects the mystery and complexity of autism. You also have the option to choose from longsleeved, shortsleeved, or tank! The shorts are frayed at the bottom and can be made as shorts or pants. This adorable set includes a pair of orange Pedoodles Runners, which can be substituted for a different color, or Jack and Lilly shoes if you already own those. Polkadot Bleu offers free shipping in the U.S. and has several awesome promotions! Check our her store for lots of adorable shoes and sets! I really enjoyed reading about her little boy Turner, it gave me some insight to the world of autism.



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